Find Your Key Differentiator

[26 Ways to Gain A Competitive Brand Advantage]

Find Your Key Differentiator[26 Ways to Gain A Competitive Brand Advantage]

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Building a brand is a game of strategy and one of the very first strategic tasks is to identify the key differentiator your brand will be recognized for.

But why is having a key differentiator so important?

How do you know if yours is valuable?


How do you go about finding a unique key differentiator for your brand?

Well, keep reading and you’ll find out.

Find Your Differentiator (26 Brand Positioning Ideas)

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What Is A Brand’s Key Differentiator?

Brands are developed for one reason and one reason only.

To make a business seem more appealing to its target audience so they choose that business over its competitors. It’s that simple.

Through its messaging, visual appearance and overall experience, the brand attempts to influence the audience’s decision to choose that brand.

In order to do that effectively, the brand must give that audience a compelling reason to make that choice.

That reason is the key differentiator.

Key Differentiator Definition