What Is Brand Positioning? (How Top Brands Differentiate)

What Is Brand Positioning? (How Top Brands Differentiate)

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Without a doubt, brand positioning is one of the most [if not the most] critical elements in the entire brand strategy.

Many people use brand positioning and other terms, like brand equity, interchangeably. But unlike your brand equity, which is the value of your company name in the marketplace, brand positioning aims to place your company name in the mind of your target audience for a very specific reason — to help them distinguish your brand from the rest.

No matter which industry you’re operating in, it’s probably a noisy place full of competitors all vying for the attention of your shared audience.

You can’t just expect your audience to understand why they should choose your brand over a competitor’s; you need to help them make that discovery.

3 Keys To An Effective Brand Position

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Your Audience Positions Your Brand

As much as your brand attempts to influence where your audience places your brand within their mind, ultimately, that’s something your audience does by themselves.

Based on their brand awareness, experiences, circumstances and, of course, exposure to your messages, they’ll decide where your brand fits and whether or not it’s relevant to them.

Therefore, your positioning strategy aims to influence how your audience perceives your brand,

So you can stake a claim for the position you want within their mind. Then, it’s up to you and how you design your customer experience to fulfill your brand promise.

The Goal Of Brand Positioning