Target Audience vs Target Groups

[Learn Effective Targeting]

Target Audience vs Target Groups[Learn Effective Targeting]

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If you’re asking the question “what’s the difference between target group vs target audience?”, then you’re not alone.

There are few industries where so many industry terms, with different meanings, are used so interchangeably as in branding and marketing.

Who you’re aiming to serve is a perfect example of that.

But before you go about identifying your future customers, you should be armed with the best tools to do so.

In this article, we dissect target group vs target audience so you can put this one to bed and get some clarity in your strategic brand building efforts.

Target Audience vs Target Groups
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Target Audience Definition

The target audience identifies:

The broadest targeted group of people who are most likely to want or need the solution a brand provides.

The broader the group of people the brand targets, the less specified they are, therefore the less likely they are to want or need the solution.

Target Group vs Target Audience
(What’s The Difference?)