11 Effective Brand Positioning Approaches For Strategy Development

11 Effective Brand Positioning Approaches For Strategy Development

When it comes time to position your brand, there are many brand positioning approaches you might leverage.

The positioning of your brand requires an intimate understanding of the market landscape.

Only with this knowledge, can a brand builder effectively decide from the many brand positioning approaches available.

The better you understand the strategic approaches at your disposal, the more strategic and effective your brand position will be.

In this article we take a look at some of these approaches to help you define the best approach for your brand.

Brand Positioning Approaches
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Types of positioning strategies

It’s always important to remember that brand positioning is a creative game.

Though you may choose one positioning strategy approach or another, the actual position you define for your brand should represent a unique offering to your audience.

If it’s no different to what’s already available, then your audience has nothing new to show for the existence of your brand.

With the right position you can give them something new by simply existing.

Positioning Strategy #1
Against Brand Positioning

By pointing the finger at established competitors, preferably the market leader, a brand can highlight an area their competitor is falling short and offer an alternative to their shared audience.

Brand that take this position are seen as bold and with some strategic PR can help them piggy back off the success of their established counterparts.