12 Powerful Differentiation Strategy Examples For Brand Positioning

12 Powerful Differentiation Strategy Examples For Brand Positioning

So, you’re putting a brand together and doing it right.

You’re developing a strategic brand and you need a differentiation strategy to differentiate your brand from the swarms of other brands all offering similar products or services to you right?

Here’s the thing…

Finding a unique differentiator is a creative game and you need to get your mind thinking outside the box in order to find one that is unique enough for your brand to stand out.

So to get those creative juices flowing, here are 12 unique differentiation strategy examples.

See if you can take inspiration and apply any of these ideas (with a twist of course) to your industry.

Examples Of Brand Differentiation[The Video Breakdown]

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Differentiation Strategy Example #1:

differentiation strategy huawei

Strategic Approach: Low Cost Option

Huawai entered the market as an unknown low-cost mobile technology brand.

This differentiation strategy focused on producing high quality products at a low-cost to the consumer.

Offering their customers a low-cost alternative to Samsung and Apple helped them to carve out a position in the mind of their audience and establish themselves in the industry.

Although Huawai has gone on to steal marketshare from the two biggest players in the Smartphone market through their product innovation, the low-quality stigma of a low-priced product has been difficult to shake. (So if you use lower cost as your differentiation strategy, have a long term plan).

Can you offer your audience a low-cost option?

Differentiation Strategy Example #2:
Whole Foods

differentiation strategy whole foods