Tagline vs Slogan (What’s The Difference In Strategy)

Tagline vs Slogan (What’s The Difference In Strategy)

So, you’re building a brand and its time to come up with that catchphrase or motto that people will remember.

That’s your slogan right?

Or is it your tagline?

Is there a difference?

Are they one and the same?

Or are they strategic tools for specific scenarios?

In this article, we’re gonna dissect the tagline vs slogan and put them side by side so you won’t need to ask any of the above questions again.

Tagline or Slogan [Which Brand Strategy Tool To Use]

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Branding v Marketing [Know the difference]

In the world of branding and marketing, there’s no shortage of elements that cross over to the point that it can often be difficult to distinguish between them.

What falls under marketing?

What falls under branding?

And when do you do what?

Branding and marketing rely on each other. You can’t do one without the other.

[Well, technically, you can, which is why there are so many failed businesses today.]

So rather than “you can’t,” I’ll say “you shouldn’t” do one without the other.

Between them, they share the same goal.

“To attract and nurture customers to a business, to ultimately grow that business and reputation.”

But branding and marketing have very specific jobs.

Some of those jobs cross over, but for the most part, they’re distinctively different.

When you know what the jobs are and the tasks within each job, you can break down the elements involved to understand when to use what and under what circumstances you use them.

The Definition And Role Of A Tagline

What is a tagline? Well, it’s:

The memorable formation of a concise set of words, which capture the unique value a brand offers its audience.

Do the words finger lickin’ good ring a bell?

If you’re like most people, you’ll instantly think of KFC.

There are many overlaps between a slogan and a tagline, but these short sentences serve different purposes. The job of the tagline is to help the target audience associate the brand name with an idea, which in the early stages of the brand is centered on the differentiation strategy.

[The tagline can evolve later to represent a broader idea that is less focussed on the differentiation strategy and more aligned to an overarching belief.]

The tagline helps the audience to first remember, then associate the brand with the difference and value the brand offers in the market

The tagline, therefore, plays a key role in solidifying the brand’s position. So it’s worth it to get it right early on.