Introduction to Brand Strategy Consulting

Brand-building is both an art and a science.

Anyone can “Slap a logo on it”, but building a brand is entirely different.

The most overlooked branding processes are often the most fundamental (and crucial), which are at the heart of brand strategy consulting.

Chances are, you didn’t build your house because you don’t know how and would likely make some costly mistakes.

Yet most business leaders attempt to build an empire with very little knowledge of the fundamental processes and strategies that brand strategy consultants possess.

In this article, we’ll explore what brand strategy consulting is, the fundamentals behind the discipline, and 9 brand strategy consulting secrets to help you build your empire.

What Is Brand Strategy Consulting?

Brand strategy consulting is a specialized service focused on developing a company’s brand architecture.

It involves understanding and shaping the brand's identity, values, and personality to resonate with the target audience.

Brand strategy consultants use their deep expertise to guide clients, from start-ups to established brands, through the complex landscape of brand development.

Pillars Of Brand Consulting

In the realm of brand consulting, understanding the foundational elements that constitute its core is essential.

These pillars are the guiding principles that brand consultants rely on to effectively guide businesses in shaping and evolving their brand identity

Let's explore these fundamental aspects, uncovering their significance and how they contribute to the art and science of brand consulting.

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Target Audience Analysis

The cornerstone of any effective brand strategy is a comprehensive understanding of the target audience.

Brand consultants conduct detailed market research to grasp the needs, preferences, and behaviors of potential customers.

This analysis is crucial for tailoring marketing efforts and creating a brand that resonates with its audience.

Competitor Research

In the competitive landscape, knowledge is power.

Brand strategy consulting involves thorough competitor analysis, identifying market gaps and opportunities for differentiation.

This helps in crafting a unique value proposition that sets a brand apart in a crowded industry.

Positioning Strategy

Positioning strategies are the art of carving a unique space for a brand in the consumer's mind.

Brand consultants help businesses develop a clear, compelling brand positioning that aligns with their business strategy and enhances their brand image.

Brand DNA

Every brand has its unique DNA, a combination of core values and attributes that define its essence.

Brand strategy consultants work to articulate and refine this DNA, ensuring it aligns with the company's vision and resonates with customers.

Brand Personality

Just like people, brands have personalities.

Whether it's friendly, authoritative, or innovative, a well-defined brand personality helps in creating a strong connection with the audience.

Consultants assist in defining and expressing this personality across all brand communications.

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Messaging & Storytelling

Effective branding is about storytelling.

It's how brands communicate their values, mission, and vision to the audience.

Consultants help in crafting compelling narratives that not only inform but also engage and inspire the audience.

Brand Naming & Tagline

A brand's name and tagline are often its first impression. 

Brand consultants use creative expression to develop memorable and impactful names and taglines that encapsulate the essence of the brand.

Visual Identity Design

The visual identity, including the logo, color palette, and typography, is a critical aspect of a brand's overall image.

Consultants ensure that the visual elements align with the brand strategy and appeal to the target audience.

9 Secrets Of Brand Consulting

Everything in Brand Starts With The Audience: 
Understanding your audience isn't just the first step; it's the foundation of your brand strategy. Delving into the psyche and preferences of your target market informs every aspect of branding, from the tone of your messaging to the design of your logo. It’s about aligning your brand with the specific needs and aspirations of those you wish to reach.
Competitors Leave Clues (and Gaps):
Successful brand strategy consulting involves more than just observing competitors; it's about analyzing their actions to uncover hidden opportunities. By understanding where competitors excel and where they falter, you can position your brand to fill these gaps effectively, offering what others don’t.
Clarity Internally Translates Externally:
The coherence of your brand’s message starts within your organization. A well-defined brand strategy ensures that everyone in your company understands the brand's core values and objectives. This internal clarity is reflected outwardly in a consistent and powerful brand image.
Positioning Is Creativity:
Creative positioning distinguishes your brand in a saturated market. It’s not just about being different; it’s about being strategically distinct. This involves innovative thinking and a willingness to take calculated risks to carve out a unique space for your brand in the consumer’s mind.
Relevance Is Attractive:
Brands that evolve with their audience’s changing needs and societal trends remain attractive and pertinent. This adaptability is key to maintaining customer loyalty and interest over time. Staying relevant means being in tune with what your audience currently values and anticipates in the future.
Personality Is Infectious:
A brand with a compelling personality creates an emotional resonance with its audience. Whether it's a sense of adventure, reliability, or innovation, a distinct personality makes your brand memorable and engaging. It's about infusing every interaction with the essence of what your brand stands for.
Speak to the Primitive Brain:
Effective branding appeals to the basic emotions and instincts of your audience. It's about crafting messages and visuals that trigger an instinctive response, whether it's a sense of belonging, excitement, or security. Tapping into these primal feelings can create a powerful and lasting connection.
Our Story Is Their Story:
Successful brands tell stories that their audience can see themselves in. It's about creating a narrative that mirrors the customer's experiences, aspirations, or challenges. When your brand story aligns with your audience’s story, it fosters a deeper, more personal connection.
Great Design Is Strategy Aligned:
Exceptional design in branding is not just about aesthetics; it's strategically driven. Every element, from color choices to typography, should reinforce your brand's message and values. Cohesive and strategic design enhances brand recognition and builds trust.

The Role of Brand Consultants

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Brand consultants are key players in the journey of building and evolving a brand.

They bring a mix of industry knowledge, strategic insight, and creative vision to the table.

Their role is to steer companies through the complex process of brand development, ensuring every aspect of the brand aligns with business goals and market demands.

From conducting thorough market research to crafting compelling brand stories, these experts act as architects, shaping the identity and direction of a brand.

Consultants are particularly crucial in helping businesses understand and navigate the ever-changing consumer landscape.

They provide guidance on how to adapt branding strategies to meet new challenges and opportunities, ensuring the brand remains relevant and appealing to its audience.

Whether it's refining the brand's visual identity or honing its messaging, brand consultants are instrumental in creating brands that not only look good but also resonate deeply with customers.

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Exploring Branding Consultancy Services

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Branding consultancy services cover a wide range of activities, all aimed at strengthening and defining a brand’s presence in the market. These services include:

Brand Audits: 
Consultants assess the current state of a brand to identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement. This often involves analyzing brand consistency, customer perceptions, and market positioning.
Brand Strategy Development:
A core service, this involves developing a comprehensive strategy that outlines the brand’s mission, values, personality, and positioning. Consultants work closely with businesses to create a roadmap that guides all branding efforts.
Visual Identity Design:
This service focuses on creating the visual elements of a brand, such as logos, color schemes, and typography. It's about crafting a distinctive and appealing visual language that reflects the brand’s character and appeals to its target audience.
Brand Messaging:
Consultants help in developing key messages and a brand voice that communicate the brand’s essence clearly and effectively. This includes creating taglines, brand stories, and a messaging framework that resonates with the audience.
Guidelines and Standards:
To maintain consistency, consultants often develop brand guidelines that outline how the brand should be presented across various channels. This ensures uniformity in how the brand is represented, enhancing recognition and trust.

Brand Architecture Strategy

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In brand strategy consulting, developing a robust brand architecture is a critical step. It involves organizing a company's offerings into a coherent system that makes sense to consumers and reinforces the brand's promise.

Brand consultants work with businesses to create a structure that clearly defines the relationship between different products, services, or sub-brands.

This structure not only helps in market positioning but also aids in guiding expansion strategies, ensuring new products or services align with the overall brand identity.

The process often includes defining brand portfolios, establishing how different brands within a company relate to each other, and ensuring each has a distinct position in the market.

This clarity helps consumers navigate a brand's offerings and reinforces brand loyalty by providing a consistent and understandable brand experience.

Brand Personality Development

A brand's personality is what gives it a human touch. It's the set of human characteristics associated with a brand, making it relatable and engaging for the audience.

Consultants help brands in identifying and articulating these traits, whether it's being adventurous, dependable, or innovative.

This personality is then expressed across all brand touchpoints, from advertising and packaging to customer service, creating a cohesive and appealing brand image.

Brand personality is more than just a marketing tactic; it's about creating an emotional connection with the audience.

Consultants leverage this by aligning the brand personality with the values and preferences of the target audience, making the brand more approachable and appealing.

Brand Communication Strategy

Consistency in messaging and storytelling is vital for brand longevity and resonance. Brand consultants ensure that every piece of communication, from marketing collateral to social media posts, aligns with the core brand message.

This consistency builds trust and recognition, as customers come to know what to expect from the brand.

Storytelling, in particular, is a powerful tool in brand strategy.

A compelling narrative can captivate an audience, making the brand more memorable and engaging.

Consultants help brands craft stories that reflect their values, mission, and the benefits they offer, weaving these elements into a narrative that speaks directly to the audience’s needs and aspirations.

The Importance of Brand Strategy in Business Growth

An effective brand strategy is not just about creating a strong visual identity or catchy tagline; it's a comprehensive approach that influences all aspects of a business.

It guides marketing initiatives, shapes customer experiences, and informs product development. 

A well-executed brand strategy drives business growth by differentiating the company in the market, attracting and retaining customers, and building lasting loyalty.

Consultants play a crucial role in this process by providing the expertise and perspective needed to develop and implement a brand strategy that aligns with business objectives and market dynamics.

They help businesses understand their brand's potential and how to leverage it for maximum impact.

Over To You

Brand strategy consulting is an essential element in the journey of building and growing a successful brand.

From understanding your audience to crafting a unique brand personality and consistent messaging, these consultants provide the expertise and guidance needed to navigate the complex world of branding.

Their role in developing a strategic approach to branding is invaluable, laying the foundation for long-term business success and customer loyalty.

By uncovering the secrets of brand consulting and leveraging their expertise, businesses can transform their branding efforts, creating powerful, resonant brands that stand out in a crowded marketplace.


1. What is the primary role of a brand consultant?

A brand consultant's primary role is to guide and advise businesses on all aspects of branding, from developing a brand strategy and architecture to creating a visual identity and consistent messaging.

2. How does brand strategy consulting contribute to business growth?

Brand strategy consulting contributes to business growth by helping companies differentiate themselves in the market, build customer loyalty, and ensure all aspects of the brand align with business objectives.

3. What makes a brand's personality important?

A brand's personality makes it relatable and engaging to the target audience, creating an emotional connection that can foster loyalty and preference.

4. Why is storytelling important in branding?

Storytelling is important because it helps convey the brand’s values and mission in an engaging way, creating a memorable and emotional connection with the audience.

5. Can brand strategy consulting help with rebranding efforts?

Yes, brand strategy consultants can play a key role in rebranding efforts, providing insights and strategies to successfully navigate the rebranding process and ensure it aligns with the company's goals and market needs.

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