How To Become A Brand Strategist

We talk “becoming a brand strategist” with Jacob Cass from JUST Creative.

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Jacob Cass from JUST Creative is a well-known influencer in the branding arena.

In this interview, we chat openly about branding, brand strategy and how graphic designers should be looking to enhance their skills and evolve into fully-fledged brand strategists.

In this interview we cover

What brand strategy is

Why designers need to evolve

Why specialising is so important

What you can learn from the Brand Master Secrets course

Jacob’s personal experience from taking the course

What the deliverable of brand strategy is

Systems, worksheets, templates & cheatsheets

Tips for designers wanting to level up

If you want to learn more about how you can become a brand strategist then click the link below.

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Brand Master Secrets

Make the transition from hired-gun to highly valued brand strategist in less than 30 days. The systems, frameworks and tools inside this comprehensive program are all you need to level up.

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