How To Conduct A Brand Audit: Step-By-Step Guide + Template 

How To Conduct A Brand Audit:
Step-By-Step Guide + Template

Brand audits are a very useful tool for brand strategists or business leaders who want to assess the effectiveness and perception of their brand.

A brand audit is essentially a checkup on the state of a brand. It assesses a brand’s strengths and weaknesses and where it sits in relation to competitors.

As a professional brand builder, knowing the brand audit process can help you uncover opportunities for your own brand or your clients.

This guide explains what a brand audit is, why they’re so important and a step-by-step process of conducting them.

What Is A Brand Audit [+ How It Gets You Clients]

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What Is A Brand Audit? 

In reality, you could just as easily replace the word “audit” with “assessment,” “analysis,” or any other word from this semantic field. 

The point is that a brand audit is a concerted effort to step back and get a holistic view of a brand’s performance. 

Its purpose is to find areas for improvement in the brand strategy through a classic SWOT-type analysis. 

Generally speaking, it assesses three categories: 

  1. Internal branding — the mission statements, brand values, and company culture 

  2. External branding — the logo, advertising and marketing materials, public relations, website, social media accounts, email marketing, and content marketing 

  3. Customer experience — the customer journey, sales process, support, and customer service policies 

If asked to do a brand audit, you’ll need to measure performance in these areas in relation to competitor brands.

The critical point of this analysis is to identify areas to possibly steal a march on other brands within the competitive marketplace. 

After a successful brand audit, brand strategists or brand managers will benefit from a comprehensive understanding of all brand elements. They’ll then present these findings in a brand audit report that will recommend new marketing strategies to improve brand performance. 

When To Do A Brand Audit