Brand Persona: How To Win Customers With Attractive Personality

Brand Persona: How To Win Customers With Attractive Personality

Connecting a brand with its intended audience has never been more difficult.

Every brand points to their unique difference, which often looks very similar to the unique difference of the competition.

To grab the attention of your audience, your brand needs personality appeal, and that’s where your brand persona comes in.

In this article you’ll learn what a brand persona is and how to create one that turns the heads of your audience.

How To Create An Engaging Brand Persona
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What Is A Brand Persona?

Brand persona is the human character that your brand communicates with. It’s developed through a series of elements including

Personality traits

Tone Of Voice

Language Profile

Personalised Outlook

Visual image

Each of these elements come together to represent how the brand wants to be seen in the market through the way it communicates.

A brand persona is the human representation of the brands existence and the personification its engagement.

Why Does Your Brand Need A Human Persona?

Today, we live in the era of the human brand and it’s no longer enough to broadcast information in the hope that the message will stick.

Monologue is the old way of brand communication. The present and the future is dialogue, with the brand listening to the consumer as much as directing messages towards them.

The modern consumer has a powerful voice that didn’t exist 30 years ago. 

These consumers don’t just want two-way communication, they want their brands to speak to them in a way that feels familiar and connects with who they are as people.

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