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Raise your expert profile, grow your revenue, and help your clients to succeed using brand strategy.

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The Training Ground For Brand Strategists

You donโ€™t just want the steps. You want the expertise and the results.

You want actionable techniques and systems that will not only help you to develop effective strategies, but show you how to attract clients with the budgets to pay for your premium service.

We get you because thatโ€™s how we think too.

Our education doesnโ€™t just show you steps. It provides you with a deep understanding of your craft so you can confidently demonstrate your expertise and increase your prospectโ€™s desire for your help.

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PRO Brand Strategy BluePrint

Build Brands Like A Pro Brand Strategist

  • The exact step-by-step process 7-Figure agencies use to bag big clients through brand strategy
  • How to build brands that command premium fees and stop competing for cheap clients
  • How to avoid the expensive amateur mistakes that 95% of brand builders make to fast-track profit growth

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The Brand Master Secrets Education Package

Brand Master Secrets is the most comprehensive brand strategy course on the market, Period.

But Brand Master Secrets is not just a course. Itโ€™s an entire system to help you grow your branding business.

With 150+ videos, 50+ brand development tools, a step-by-step playbook and client delivery documents, Brand Master Secrets is everything you need to become a brand strategist, raise your expert profile and earn specialist fees.

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โ€œAs a designer who wanted to provide a deeper level of service to my clients in the form of brand strategy, I was looking for a comprehensive course that provided everything I needed to get started. If youโ€™re wanting to take the leap to brand strategy, I wholeheartedly endorse this course! Itโ€™s JUST incredible.โ€

Jacob Cass โ€“ JUST Creative

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โ€œI started selling brand strategy services at $1,5k, then $3k, then $8k, then $10-15k and recently we just landed our biggest job ever at $40k+. Itโ€™s been a journey but I could see how valuable strategy was to businesses. Iโ€™m so grateful to Stephen for providing such an amazing course. Stick with it and youโ€™ll get the rewards!โ€

Geoff McAllister โ€“ Founder at Studio Alumni

โ€œWe are a UK based experiential brand team with well known international clients. BMS is Amazing, just amazing, and actionable. When I realised you were actually going to share all these tools with us too. That was my firstโ€ฆwow, I think I love this guy moment. Anyway the primary reason for my message is to say thank you!โ€

Paula Murray โ€“ Founder at Super Tonic

โ€œThis has been the most practical and high-quality, well put together course Iโ€™ve ever done (and Iโ€™ve done quite a few). Incredible value. Over the moon that I invested my time and money into this with Stephen Houraghan. Thanks again.โ€

Kaleb Bollen โ€“ Strategist and Partner at Periscope Media

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Itโ€™s Time To Rethink Branding

The branding industry is broken and entrepreneurs are failing because theyโ€™re getting bad advice.

Branding is not about pixels and logos.

Itโ€™s about helping a business to look, feel, speak, sound, act, think and connect in a way that resonates with who the audience is, the journey theyโ€™re on, and the outcome they want.

How are such brands builtโ€ฆ? With Brand Strategy.

At Brand Master Academy, we arm brand-builders with the knowledge, know-how, techniques, strategies, tools, and systems to transform their branding business and help their clients to build successful brands.