What Is A Brand Awareness Campaign?

[And How To Launch Your Brand]

What Is A Brand Awareness Campaign?[And How To Launch Your Brand]

So, what is a brand awareness campaign and what do you need to know before you run yours?

This is a very relevant question for any new brand leader.

Anyone with any online experience will tell you that you don’t just “build it and they will come”.

Though most of have learned this the hard way by pushing their website live and waiting to drown in a flood of inquiries…. only to get crickets.

Building a brand is one thing.

Getting the name of your brand onto the lips and into the mind of your audience is entirely different yet it is a critical part of building a successful brand.

In this article you’re going to learn what a brand awareness campaign is and what you need to know to effectively launch your brand into the spotlight.

What Is The Objective Of Brand Awareness?

Building a brand is not a quick task you bash out in a day before running to market with your offer.

Any entrepreneur worth their salt knows that you don’t just jump online, hire a designer to throw together a cheap logo and consider yourself branded.

Even if you were to invest in a designer who is a master at their craft, design is only a small element of what makes a strategic brand.

No matter the market, branding is about people.

Every business solves the problem of a want or need and every market is created by the existence of people who have a desire for that want or need to be resolved.

In other words, every brand has the task of communicating to their audience the value of their solution in a way that connects and resonates on a human level.

First, your brand needs the tools to communicate effectively, which are developed within the brand strategy.

Second, these messages then need to be placed where your audience gathers and where they’re most likely to store the value of your offer to memory.

This is the ultimate objective of a brand awareness campaign and is a critical phase of building a successful brand.

Why Your Brand Needs A Brand Awareness Strategy

If you’ve taken the time and effort to build your brand strategically, you’ll have a tool that’s built around who your audience is and what they want.

Every element should be developed to enable the brand to resonate more effectively with that target audience and should include the following strategic elements

Internal Brand

Audience Persona

Positioning Strategy

Clear Differentiator

Brand Persona

Brand Personality

Brand Voice

Messaging Strategy

Storytelling Framework

Strategic Brand Identity

Brand Collateral

Brands built with all of these strategic elements aligned are at a significant advantage to their competitors, however, this is only the starting point.

Increased Brand Awareness Puts Your Brand On The Map