Stephen Houraghan

Brand Strategist & Founder Of Brand Master Academy

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Stephen Houraghan is a brand strategist, consultant, the CEO and Founder of Brand Master Academy and the host of The Brand Master Podcast.

Stephen has a background in business and finance, providing advice in stock and options trading for retail and institutional investors on the ASX (Australian Securities Exchange).

After gaining further qualifications in both design and marketing which he combined with his business experience, he created the Iconic Fox Agency, providing brand strategy and creative services for global clients using his proprietary brand-building systems.

Stephen has shared his ideas on branding and marketing for publications such as HubspotMarketoCreative BloqDesign Taxi and has appeared on industry podcasts such as Just BrandingBrand Design MastersLogo Geek and Brand Tuned.

Today he shares these proprietary systems, knowledge, and experience in business, branding and marketing to tens of thousands of students and followers through The Brand Master Academy Programs, The Brand Master Podcast, The Academy Youtube channel and the growing Brand Strategy Community.

Stephen has helped tens of thousands of students and followers to transform their businesses and multiply their revenues by leveraging the brand strategy systems, processes, and tools he provides through his teaching and programs.

brand master academy reviews

“I started selling brand strategy services at $1,5k, then $3k, then $8k, then $10-15k and recently we just landed our biggest job ever at $40k+. It’s been a journey but I could see how valuable strategy was to businesses. I’m so grateful to Stephen for providing such an amazing course. Stick with it and you’ll get the rewards!”

Geoff McAllister – Founder at Studio Alumni

“When I was ready to invest in serious training, I knew Stephen was the guy. All I can say is WOW! It’s so much better than I even expected. Everything is light years more than I’ve learned after being in the industry for 10+ years. Best investment ever!”

Kelly Mozatta – Founder of KAM Design Studio

“I want you to know I would pay so much more for this course. It’s the best f*cking course I’ve ever taken and the best in this category. You rock Amigo! I definitely getting your other course and I don’t want a discount. You’ve earned every damn dollar (and you can quote me????????)”

Christine de la Garcia – Founder at christinedlg

““Are you f*****g kidding me?!” was my first thought when I dug into Brand Master Secrets. I wasn’t pissed off. I was in awe. Every other program, course, mastermind I’ve taken on positioning, marketing and business psychology looks like cheap crap next to this Gem. Thank you Stephen!”

Sebastian Thalhammer – Founder at Firestorm Digital

“This has been the most practical and high-quality, well put together course I’ve ever done (and I’ve done quite a few). Incredible value. Over the moon that I invested my time and money into this with Stephen Houraghan. Thanks again.”

Kaleb Bollen – Strategist and Partner at Periscope Media

“Your course may be more insightful and educational than everything I gained from my masters degree in communications from the University of Florida. I have taken several courses on brand strategy and yours is by far the best out there. I thought you should know how much your course and videos have impacted me.”

Marc Harmon – Brand Consultant at Venture Brand Consulting

“Just wanted to pop you an e-mail because I felt compelled to say Brand Master Secrets is quite literally the best course I have ever done. Your content and everything you’re sharing is so thorough, clearly well researched and quite frankly invaluable. I think it’s worth 10X what you’re charging for it!”

Becky Lloyd Pack – Founder at Story By Design

“I have spent over $30K on courses but yours has literally given me tears this weekend. I’ve done a strategy course (with a big name you’ll know) BUT, your course is the MOST comprehensive I’ve ever seen. Clients see me as their trusted advisor. All my coaches have FAILED to tell me this funnel strategy. WOW! I wish I could give you an internet hug right now. HAHA! YOU SAVED MY BUSINESS LIFE!”

Humaira Akhter – Consultant at BrandWave

“You, mate, are the real deal and I thank you for your authenticity. I ran a strategy workshop using the BMS framework and at the end the look in the clients’ eyes was priceless. I cannot tell you how utterly happy for the structure and clarity you’ve given me. “

Dan Plumadore – Founder at SkyBourne

kulin shah review

“We’ve been running a branding agency for almost 25 years and Brand Master Secrets has helped us redefine our process and uplevel our strategic offerings. I highly recommend Brand Master Academy or anything else Stephen creates. Kudos for creating an incredibly detailed brand strategy program…really well done!”

Kulin Shah – Founder at Quantum