133 Best Brand Slogan Examples (+ How To Create A Memorable One)

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The most successful brands in the world successfully stick in our memories. 

Many such iconic brands achieve this status by embedding themselves in the lives of their audience. 

Though they do so in different ways, all use a multitude of tools and distinctive brand assets to do this.

These include the logo, the experience, the messaging, the imagery and of course the slogan.

In this article, you’ll discover 133 of the most memorable slogan examples and a step-by-step process to create one for your brand or your client’s.

28 Best Brand Slogan & Tagline Examples (Part 1)

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What Is A Slogan?

So let’s define what a slogan is so we’re all singing the same tune.

A slogan is a memorable and catchy phrase which captures the overarching theme of a marketing campaign. 

Now the last two words in that definition, marketing campaign, are critical.

You see, a slogan is designed to embed key ideas of marketing campaigns into the mind of the audience. 

Often these marketing campaigns are promoting the brands core offer, products or services. 

Slogans are born as a means to make the marketing message memorable and often focus on  




Unique Difference 


Broader Ideas 

Slogan vs Tagline

So how does a slogan differ from a tagline?

Well, while the slogan is a tool for marketing campaign memorability, the tagline is a tool for brand memorability.

Slogans tend to have a shorter lifespan while taglines tend to have a longer one. 

There’s a lot of confusion around the difference between the two and understandably so because successful slogans, often outlive marketing campaigns and become adopted as the overarching brand tagline.

But these are two different tools used for different scenarios

As a rule of thumb, slogans make marketing campaigns more memorable, taglines make brands more memorable.  

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What Makes A Great Slogan?

The most successful and most effective slogans in history all share similar characteristics that make them impactful and easy to store to memory for later recall.

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1 They’re Concise

Though there are some rare examples of successful extended slogans, for the most part, effective slogans are concise spanning only a few words. 

The longer the slogan, the more difficult it is to remember and the more likely it will be remembered incorrectly or not at all. 

2 They’re Catchy

Some of the most memorable slogans in the world are remembered because they’re catchy. 

How catchy a slogan is relies on the phonetics of the phrase and how the words work together to produce a pleasing sound.

The more pleasing the sound and the easier it is to say, the more likely it will be repeated and more importantly remembered.

3. They’re Meaningful

A slogan can’t just be a handful of short and catchy words that mean nothing.

The job of the slogan is to be remembered but it needs to be remembered for something.  

An equally important aspect of the job of the slogan is to embed meaning into the mind of the audience. 

The result of this is when they do recall and they do remember, they can align a meaning to the memory helping to shape their perceptions. 

How To Create A Tagline Or Slogan (Agency Process)

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133 Best Brand Slogan Examples

Now we’ve laid the groundwork for the slogan and its role in helping to build a brand, let’s take a look at some of the most memorable slogans from some of the most successful brands in the world 

Accenture – Let There Be Change

Adidas – Impossible is Nothing

Adobe – Better by Adobe

Airbnb – Belong Anywhere

Allianz – We Cover Courage

Allstate – You’re in good hands

Amazon – Irresistible. Delivered.

American Express – Don’t leave home without it

Apple – Think Different

Audi – Advancement Through Technology

Avis – We try harder

AXA – Know You Can

BMW – The Ultimate Driving Machine

Bounty – The Quicker Picker Upper

Budweiser – King of Beers

Burger King – Have it your way

California Milk Board – Got Milk?

Canon – See Impossible

Capital One – What’s in your wallet?

Cartier – Never copy, always create

Caterpillar – Let’s Do The Work

Chanel – Share The Fantasy

Chick-fil-A – Eat Mor Chikin

Cisco – The Network That Works

Citi – Citi Never Sleeps

Coca-Cola – Open Happiness

Colgate – Cleans More Than Just Teeth

Corona – Log Off, Lime In

CoverGirl – Easy, breezy, beautiful…

Danone – Dare To Feel Good

De Beers – A Diamond Is Forever

Dell – Yours Is Here

Discovery – The World Is Ours

Disney World – Where Dreams Come True

Disneyland – The Happiest Place on Earth

Dollar Shave Club – Shave Time. Shave Money.

Dunkin’ – America Runs on Dunkin’

eBay – Buy it. Sell it. Love it.

Electronic Arts – Challenge everything

Energizer – Keep Going And Going

Facebook – It’s Quick & Easy

FedEx – The World On Time

Ford – Go Further

Gatorade – The Sports Fuel Company

General Electric – Imagination at Work

Gillette – The Best Men Can Get

Goldfish – The Snack That Smiles Back

Goldman Sachs – You Can Money 

Hallmark – When you care enough to send the very best

Harley Davidson – All for Freedom. Freedom for All.

Heineken – Open Your World

Hennessy – Never Stop. Never Settle.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise – HP Invent

Honda – The Power Of Dreams

HP – Keep Reinventing

HSBC – Together We Thrive

Huawei – Dreams Inspire Creativity

Hyundai – Better Drives Us

IBM – Think

IKEA – The Wonderful Everyday

IMAX – Think Big

J.P. Morgan – Make More of What’s Yours

Jack Daniel’s – Make It Count

John Deere – Nothing runs like a Deere

Johnson & Johnson – For All You Love

Kay Jewelers – Every kiss begins with Kay

KFC – It’s Finger Lickin’ Good

Kia – Movement That Inspires

KitKat – Have a break. Have a KitKat.

L’Oréal – Because You’re Worth It

Land Rover – Above & Beyond

Las Vegas – What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas

Lay’s – Betcha can’t eat just one

Levi’s – Quality never goes out of style

M&Ms – Melts in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hands

MasterCard – Priceless

Maxwell House – Good to the last drop.

Maybelline – Maybe it’s Maybelline.

Maxwell House – Good to the last drop.

Meow Mix – Cats Ask for It By Name

Mercedes-Benz – The Best or Nothing

Microsoft – Empowering Us All

MINI – Is It Love?

NESCAFÉ – It All Starts With a NESCAFÉ

Nespresso – What Else?

Nestlé – Good Food, Good Life

Netflix – See What’s Next

Nike – Just Do It

Nissan – Innovation That Excites

Oracle – Unbreakable

Pampers – Peaceful nights, Playful Days

Panasonic – A Better Life, a Better World

PayPal – Because You Have To

Pepsi – That’s What I Like

Philips – Sense And Simplicity

PlayStation – Play Has No Limits

Pokemon – Gotta catch ’em all!

Red Bull – Red Bull gives you wings

Rice Krispies – Snap! Crackle! Pop!

Ronseal – It Does Exactly What It Says on the Tin.

Salesforce.com – We Bring Companies and Customers Together

Samsung – Do What You Can’t

Shell – Together , Anything Is Possible

Siemens – Ingenuity for Life

Skittles – Taste the rainbow

Sony – Make.Believe

Spotify – Music For Every Mood

Sprite – Obey your thirst

State Farm – Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.

How To Create A Memorable Slogan

So now you have a healthy list of slogans for your inspiration, let’s take a look at the agency process for creating a memorable and effective slogan for your own brand or your client’s. 

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Step 1: Uncover Your Target Market

Before you write a slogan, you need to define exactly who it’s for.

Maybe you want to appeal to your entire market or maybe you want to run a differentiated marketing campaign to speak directly to a specific market segment.

Knowing exactly who you want to appeal to is a critical step to uncovering how to appeal to them 

Step 2: Define Your Position

Who you’re targeting sets the tone for how you want that group of people to see your brand, your products, your services, your advantages, your difference, your experience or all the above. 

Embedding your position in the mind of your audience is a long-term play though a slogan that drives that position home is a valuable one. 

Step 3: Isolate Your Difference

The hallmark of an effective slogan is one that deposits a uniqueness wrapped in a concise and memorable phrase that’s easy on the ear.

The short and catchy nature of the slogan is the trojan horse though the uniqueness wrapped inside is where the real influence lies.

When you’re clear on your difference, you can add weight to your slogan. 

Step 4: Create A Word Map

Armed with your audience, their desires, your position and unique difference, you have the seeds for an effective slogan though don’t expect something iconic to jump off the page… This takes work.

Use a mind map of word associations to find synonyms and associated words to expand your wordsmithing options. 

There are no bad ideas here. This is a numbers game. 

The more words you have to work with to craft a slogan, the more likely you are to create an iconic one.  

Step 5: Distil Your Findings

You word map is all about expanding your linguistic possibilities to give you flexibility in your slogan development.

If that step is about quantity, this step is about quality.

Although there are no bad ideas when creating your word map, that doesn’t mean all should make the cut and that’s where quality control comes in.

Remove the words that aren’t fit for purpose so you’re left with highly relevant words to work with. 

Step 6: Make It Meaningful

As you’re sifting through the quality words that have made the cut, you want to prioritise the weight of the words.

To put it another way, the first words for selection need to represent the message you want your audience to remember. 

Is your product or service faster, better, more convenience a better experience, what’s the end result, the benefit to them and the difference to the rest?

Be highly selective with your choice to increase impact. 

Step 7: Make It Concise

Although there are some examples of slogans that are both long and memorable, they’re few and far between.

As a rule of thumb, beyond five words, every additional word reduces the chance that your slogan will be remembered. 

So as you sit down to write your slogan, think of your words as currency. You have five words to spend. Beyond five and you’re in debt.

Step 8: Make It Catchy

The first job of the slogan is to be remembered. If it’s too hard to remember then it doesn’t matter how much meaning or value is wrapped up inside, it will be quickly forgotten.

Only if it’s catchy and easy to remember does the weight of the difference and value have a chance to embed itself.

So use phonetically appealing words that dovetail with and compliment each others so it rolls off the tongue with minimal effort and maximum effect.  

Over To You

Within a strategic brand, there are many tools used to grab the attention of the audience, deposit a meaning in their mind to ultimately influence first, their perceptions and then their decisions.  
The slogan is one of the most effective ways to leave a lasting impression with your audience as to why they should remember your brand, your product, your service or your experience.  
Take the time to define exactly what you want them to remember, then design a concise and catchy selection of words as your tool of delivery.  

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