What Is Lifestyle Branding? (Top Brand Strategy + Best Examples)

What Is Lifestyle Branding? (Top Brand Strategy + Best Examples)

Let’s face it, no matter how you slice it, everything brands do is an attempt to get you to buy their products or services right?

But different methods exist with which to do this and lifestyle branding just happens to be one such method.

While some strategies adopt aggressive and sales driven tactics, lifestyle brands take a softer and more palatable approach.

For successful lifestyle brands, customers don’t just buy their products; they buy into their idea and the way-of-life they’re promoting.

What Is Lifestyle Branding?
(Top Lifestyle Brand Examples)

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What is A Lifestyle Brand?

Now before we go diving headfirst into this highly effective yet warmly welcomed approach, let’s define what a lifestyle brand is.

A lifestyle brand is a brand that promotes their audience’s desirable lifestyle as a primary method of resonating with who they are and what they want.

This desirable lifestyle hacks an insatiable yearning, which product or service-based promotion and messaging simply can’t compete with.

What Is Lifestyle Branding?

Lifestyle branding is the brand strategy used by lifestyle brands that defines 

Who the audience is

The desirable lifestyle they want

The method to communicate this lifestyle

The associations it will align with

The experiences it will provide

How to help them achieve it

Each of these defined elements allows the brand to paint a picture of the life their customer wants, how this life will make them feel and more often than not, what they need to do to achieve it.

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