What Is An Endorsed Brand? (Pros, Cons And Best Examples)

What Is An Endorsed Brand? (Pros, Cons And Best Examples)

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Endorsed brands or endorsed branding is a term that has evolved with the field itself.

Branding, as a discipline, aims to make the meaning of organisations easy to understand and endorsed branding is a strategy that can achieve that goal.

As organisations evolve and their portfolios of brands grow, flexible structures are required to keep things simple. This is the function of brand architecture in which multiple strategies can be found.

In this article, you’ll learn what endorsed brands are and how they can be used within effective brand architecture.

What Is An Endorsed Brand Strategy?

(Pros, Cons & Examples)

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What Is Brand Architecture?

Let’s kick things off with a quick explanation of brand architecture so we can fully understand the world an endorsed brand lives in.

Brand architecture is an organisational brand strategy used to organise a portfolio of products, services or entities, known as sub-brands.

Whether these sub-brands are segmented into individual entities or not, brand architecture clearly distinguishes the difference from simple product naming, right up to segregated market targeting, positioning and messaging.