Competitive Positioning: The Definitive Guide (Top Brand Examples)

Competitive Positioning: The Definitive Guide (Top Brand Examples)

The term “Competitive positioning” sounds like an intimidating business term to describe a complex topic. 
To add to the apparent complexity, you’ll often hear the term used interchangeably with any number of equally complex sounding terms such as “positioning strategy”, “differentiation strategy” or “competitive differentiation”. 

Semantics aside, there are all more or less the same topic which is not that complicated.

Once you understand it you can define a positioning strategy for your brand, to give it a competitive edge and maneuver it into a position of strength.

In this article, you’ll learn the simplicity of competitive positioning and a process to define an edge for your brands.

What Is Competitive Positioning? (Examples & Types)

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What Is Competitive Positioning?

Competitive positioning, more often than not, is overlooked or avoided by many entrepreneurs, business leaders and even professional brand builders.

It’s the cornerstone of brand strategy though the strategy of the brand is still a new concept to some, with many business leaders opting for the easy (and cost-effective route) which is to develop a visual brand without considering a strategy. 

 But as is often the case, there are consequences to taking shortcuts and  

a brand without a competitive positioning strategy is a brand without a compelling reason to choose it. 

Competitive Positioning Definition

In his time, Philip Kotler was defined as the Father Of Modern Marketing. 

 He defines Competitive positioning as:  

The act of designing the company’s offering and image to occupy a distinctive place in the mind of the target market. 

 If we were to define it in more conversational language, your competitive position is:

The defining reason customers choose a brand over it’s competitors 

 So as you can see all of these terms are not really that complicated at all.