How To Define And Express Core Brand Values (Top Examples)

How To Define And Express Core Brand Values (Top Examples)

How do you choose your brands?

Is it just because you like the product? The price? The cool jingle in the advert?

A lot of psychological processes go into our purchasing decisions.

We like to choose brands we trust and feel safe with.

We feel this through our experiences with brands which are shaped by the brand values.

Therefore, any brand strategy must clearly define brand values and use them as a guidepost for decisions and actions to build that trusting relationship.

How To Define Your Core Brand Values (Steps + Examples)

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What Are Brand Values?

Brand values are a set of guiding principles that dictate how the brand behaves.

Think of the brand values as a grounding compass that guides the brand story, actions, behaviors, and general decision-making process in the rest of the brand activity.

When you have clearly defined brand values, these explain what the company stands for.

That also means that when there are tough decisions to make for aspects of the business, revert to those brand values to stay true to the overarching principles.

What is the Role of Brand Values?

The role of brand values is to influence brand behavior.

Understand from the outset that brand values do not attract customers.

Do not think of them as a marketing tool in this way.

Instead, see them as foundational principles that shape the brand behavior which moulds the brand experience.

It’s the brand behavior and experience that attracts customers.

To put it another way, brands need to put their money where their mouth is.

Having a list of brand values won’t attract customers unless the brand lives and breathes the values through its behaviour.

Take Zappos as an example.

They don’t use their brand values as marketing, instead using them to guide brand behaviours which include:

Deliver WOW through service

Create fun and a little weirdness, and

Build open and honest relationships through communication.

In this way, brand behavior embodies the brand values, which attract customers.