How To Run A Successful Brand Strategy Workshop For Clients

How To Run A Brand Strategy Workshop (PRO Strategist Guide)

So you’re building a brand with your client and you want to involve them in the process. 
Although you could just shoot them a questionnaire with a handful of questions and then get to work, that doesn’t really offer much involvement at all.
So, how can you involve them enough to make them feel part of the process while gathering what you need to build a solid brand strategy? 
The answer is brand strategy workshops. 
In this article, you’ll learn what brand strategy workshops are, how to run them, and pro techniques to use to ensure it’s a success. 

What Is A Brand Strategy Workshop? (Process Pros & Cons)

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What Is a Brand Strategy Workshop?

A brand strategy workshop might sound complicated but in reality it’s quite simple. 

A strategic workshop is nothing more than a collaborative session or meeting between the brand strategist developing the brand and the brand leadership team. 

It’s really not much more complicated than that 

The collaboration is an opportunity for the strategist to run very specific exercises and ask very specific questions to draw out the knowledge, ideas and perspectives of the brand leadership team