16 Brand Personality Examples [Traits List Of The Best Brands]

Want brand personality examples? Look no further.

There’s no question at this point.

We live in the time of â€œThe Human Brand” and were seeing more brand personalty examples every day.

The days of corporate sounding entities with a one-way broadcast message are a distant memory (for those old enough to remember).

If you take your brand to market speaking like faceless corporation with the personality of a wet fish, then you’ll be a fish out of water and you won’t last long.

If you want to connect with your audience in this modern consumer empowered world, you better know who your audience is and how to approach them in the right way.

The key? Characteristics and personality that represent who the audience is or who they aspire to be.

Modern brands of today have human brand personas and personalities designed to connect with their audience through human emotions.

Here are 16 of the best brand personality examples to inspire you to develop your brand personality.

Brand Personality Examples[The Video Breakdown]

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Brand Personality Example #1:
Harley Davidson

There are few brands in the world that represent who their audience is as well as Harley Davidson does.

From their rugged brand identity (specifically their image style) to their gritty language and rough tone of voice, Harley Davidson speaks to their audience as a member of the gang.

There are no corporate overtones or unnecessary pleasantries.

Harley embraces the rebellious spirit of their customers and takes pride in going against the grain of everyday society.

Of all the brand personality examples, there’s a lot to be learned from Harley Davidson.

Brand Identity: Rugged

Language: Gritty

Tone-Of-Voice: Rough

Characteristics: Rebellious / Disruptive

Motivation: Liberation

Fear: Conformity

Example #2:
Red Bull

Red Bull doesn’t do things the way other brands do.

It’s a bit different. It lives life on the edge, smiles in the face of danger and embraces the extreme.

Brand personality examples don’t come more energised.

It’s fair to say, that even amongst other rebels, other adventurists and other athletes, Red Bull is a bit of a daredevil.

By aligning themselves with every extreme sport you can think of, Red Bull are well on their way to owning the word “Extreme” in the mind of its audience.

Through its energetic colours, charging bull logo and intense attitude, Red Bull has gobbled up an alignment with every niche extreme activity you can think to portray an outrageous personality across all touch points.

Brand Identity: Edgy

Language: Energetic

Tone-Of-Voice: Caffeinated

Characteristics: Extreme / Outrageous

Motivation: Adrenaline

Fear: Calm

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Brand Personality Example #3:
Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo is a typically Italian brand.

It represents style and sophistication as well as a feeling of sensuality.

Its tagline “The mechanics of emotion”, provides an insight into the emotive spirit of the brand.

It’s not British, its not American, its not German or Japanese.

It’s Italian. And it speaks like one.

Thorough its communication, it appeals to the senses with sensual and emotive language and imagery and sets itself apart from other car brands in its class.

Brand Identity: Sleek

Language: Sensual

Tone-Of-Voice: Emotive

Characteristics: Stylish / Sexy

Motivation: Admiration

Fear: Rejection

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Example #4:

brand personality example nike

Nike is an inspirational brand that inspires its audience to “Do”.

The competitive track and field heritage of founders Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman is part of the fabric of the brand and this winning mentality extends right throughout the brand personnel into the relationship with its customers.

Nike is a winner. That’s what it lives for. To be #1.

Just like every athlete at the top of their game; Nike has a burning desire to be at the top and stay there. Undisputed.

And that winning mentality is evident in everything the brand does from its innovation to its branding.

Nike represents a coach personality by encouraging, guiding, demonstrating, motivating and holding their audience responsible for their success or failure.

Their tagline â€œJust Do It” is a call to action, a way of life and a belief that you can achieve what you want, if you want it bad enough.

Brand Identity: Efficient

Language: Champion

Tone-Of-Voice: Motivational

Characteristics: Brave / Determined

Motivation: Winning

Fear: Losing

Brand Personality Example #5:

brand personality example coke

Whenever you think of Coke, chances are (consciously or subconsciously) you think of “Happiness”.

The reason?

Coke has made it their business to associate the brand with that word by aligning the brand with every happy moment you can think of from Christmas to Summer holidays.

Through their advertising and communication they consistently display happy and somewhat magical characteristics, which we associate with enjoyment.

Their personality is carefree and fun loving which encourages the audience to forget their fears and stresses and enjoy the moment by having “A Coke And A Smile”.

Brand Identity: Radiant

Language: Joyful

Tone-Of-Voice: Enthusiastic

Characteristics: Optimistic / Fun Loving

Motivation: Enjoyment

Fear: Unhappiness

Example #6:

brand personality example diesel

Diesel is a brand for rebels.

Their small traditional Italian town heritage has given the brand strong (stubborn) roots.

Since 1978, Diesel has done its own thing, gone its own way, ignored trends and shown the middle finger to critics.

As an Italian based fashion brand, it would have been easy for Diesel to be derailed and cashed in on the trends of what was expected from Italian brands.

But Diesel doesn’t do what’s expected.

They use tongue-in-cheek humour, irony and black comedy in often explosive campaigns that are polarising, attracting both plaudits and critics.

Diesel appeals to its youthfulindependent and alternative audience with their distain for conformity and their â€œI don’t give a f**k” outlook on life.

As far as brand personality examples go, few are as realistically tangible as Diesel.

Brand Identity: Rough

Language: Attitude Laced

Tone-Of-Voice: Self-Assured

Characteristics: Distinct / Unruly

Motivation: Independence

Fear: Dependence

Brand Personality Example #7:
Dollar Shave Club

brand personality example dollar shave club

Dollar Shave Club is an exemplary example of a brand that uses personality to make a connection with its audience.

Its core characteristic is humour and uses it to an almost comedic level making their audience â€œlaugh out loud from the belly” as it does.

Their viral ad with made them an overnight sensation was laced with satire, timing and tongue-in-cheek digs at their competitors.

Like the guy at the pub with the quick wit and charm who promotes good times, this brand knows who it is, knows who its not and keeps things uncomplicated.

Brand Identity: Uncomplicated

Language: Entertaining

Tone-Of-Voice: Humorous

Characteristics: Playful / Jovial

Motivation: Laughter

Fear: Seriousness

Example #8:

brand personality example mercedes

Mercedes is an aspirational and exclusive brand that sits on a pedestal and encourages its customers to earn the right to join their club.

That right of passage? Success.

Their reward? Status

Mercedes communicates superiority and exclusivity and remind their audience that they are at the top of the food chain of society.

Throughout their entire brand experience they display characteristics of statuswealth and success and provide their customers with a sense of achievement.

Brand Identity: Refined

Language: Articulate

Tone-Of-Voice: Authoritative

Characteristics: Successful / Commanding

Motivation: Power

Fear: Failure

Brand Personality Example #9:
Lynx / Axe

brand personality example lynx

Lynx is a brand that communicates to its audience â€œyou’re one of us and we’re where it’s at”.

Through a mix of collective and humorous communication, it appeals to its audiences desire to not just to “Fit in”, but to have the confidence to be themselves.

Lynx appeals to new generations of savvy men many of who are transitioning to finding their own way.

Like a big brother, the brand encourages expression and acts as a voice of reassurance to its audience with a message that â€œyour confidence is your key – embrace who you are”.

Brand Identity: Slick

Language: Cool

Tone-Of-Voice: Reassuring

Characteristics: Protective / Encouraging

Motivation: Display Belonging

Fear: Rejection

Example #10:

brand personality example ikea

Ikea is a no nonsense simple brand that knows its category and stays in its lane.

The brand appeals to “Normal everyday people” who have specific needs and requirements who want simple problems without any hassle.

The simple looking, simple talking approach with a sprinkle of humour every now and then, shows that the brand doesn’t take itself too seriously.

“The Wonderful Everyday” tagline shows its light-hearted bright-side spirit they communicate a sense of inclusion and equality.

Brand Identity: Bright & Unpretentious

Language: Everyday

Tone-Of-Voice: Easy

Characteristics: Togetherness / Inclusive

Motivation: Equality

Fear: Isolation

Brand Personality Example #11:

brand personality example toms

TOMS is a brand born from purpose.

A “Brand purpose native”, TOMS have been helping those in need since they’ve been in business.

The brand offers a sense of caring not just through their visuals and communication but through their actions with the near 100 million people they have impacted.

TOMS is a shoe company but they’ve gone out of their way to communicate that they’re more than that by displaying warmreassuring and supportive characteristics in how they go about their business.

With one arm around their customers and another arm around the people they help, TOMS is a feel-good brand bringing people together.

Brand Identity: Light and Warm

Language: Caring

Tone-Of-Voice: Nurturing

Characteristics: Supportive / Helpful

Motivation: Service

Fear: Neglect

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Example #12:

brand personality example apple

Although Apple have a rebellious streak by â€œdoing things differently” and has a history of going against the grain of the industry, Apple is an innovator and a visionary at heart.

They are motivated to reinvent the wheel, create something new and break through boundaries of technology.

Apple encourage and inspire their customers to express themselves and use their imagination to find their version of originality.

They’ve been embraced my most all creative industries and progressive, forward thinking individuals and businesses.

Apple has changed the world and offers their customers the opportunity to join them on the cutting edge of the unknown.

Brand Identity: Minimalistic

Language: Simple

Tone-Of-Voice: Humble

Characteristics: Innovation / Creativity

Motivation: Originality

Fear: Duplication

Brand Personality Example #13:

brand personality example dove

Dove is a simple and elegant brand with a purposeful soul that promotes and encourages the self-esteem in women and girls.

Few brand personality examples are as innocent as Dove.

They embrace all things pure and offer their female audience almost godlike status.

The brand displays appreciation for all that is beautiful and feminine.

It sees that beauty and femininity in all women and encourages women and girls to see the same beauty in themselves both inside and out.

Dove has a positive and encouraging personality and communicates optimism and honesty through their language and tone.

Brand Identity: Pure

Language: Simple

Tone-Of-Voice: Positive

Characteristics: Purity / Honesty

Motivation: Self-Esteem

Fear: Shame

Example #14:

brand personality example google

Google is a modern progressive brand with old school traditional and educational aspirations.

They provide us with information but they do more than that.

Their influence and power comes with great responsibility, which they take seriously.

Their â€œDon’t be evil” motto which has been embraced throughout the company culture showcases Google’s desire to â€˜Do the right thing”.

As Google provides us all with some much of the knowledge we learn online, they assume a professor-like role (albeit a modern professor with trendy kicks) speaking with intelligence, wisdom and expertise.

They realise they have the capability to influence the population and aspire to guide us to wisdom.

Brand Identity: Proudly Geeky

Language: Intelligent

Tone-Of-Voice: Expert

Characteristics: Wise / Influential

Motivation: Truth

Fear: Misinformation

Brand Personality Example #15:

brand personality example patagonia

Patagonia is a brand from a simpler time with old school environmental beliefs.

Their customers are one with nature with a connection to the land that represents who they are as people.

Patagonia’s rock climbing, environmentalist founder Yvon Chouinard attracted this type of customer through the brand because he built his brand through those beliefs.

Patagonia has a personality with an activist spirit that promotes adventureexplorationself-discovery and of course respect for the environment.

Brand Identity: Worn

Language: Liberated

Tone-Of-Voice: Enthusiast

Characteristics: Adventurous / Courageous

Motivation: Discover

Fear: Confinement

Example #16:

brand personality example lego

Lego is an old school brand and a throwback to a simpler time before screens (before screens and apps).

Of all the brand personality examples listed, Lego can proudly claim to be one of the worlds more loved brands.

Born from and built on imagination, Lego is a brand that opens up a world of fantasycreativity and play for kids young and old.

Lego is a traditionalist brand created in 1932 and though they hadn’t posted a loss in 66 years, the brand was in trouble in 1998 because it lost its connection with culture and relevancy.

Fast-forward to today, Lego has clicked itself on to culturally relevant themes from superheroes to movies and with a generous dose of humour, has rejuvenated itself as a creativeoriginalimaginative and fun-loving brand.

Brand Identity: Elementary

Language: Youthful

Tone-Of-Voice: Fun-loving

Characteristics: Imagination / Creativity

Motivation: Fantasy

Fear: Reality


Personality has become an increasingly critical element of a brand.

If you intend on plugging your brand into a certain group of people, you better know who those people are and what characteristics they’re attracted to.

Then… you better go about displaying those characteristics consistently across every touchpoint.

Are you a brand builder?

Have you put aside time to develop a personality for the brand you’re building right now?

Have any of the above examples given you any inspiration for the characteristics you want to display through your brand?

Let me know in the comments Right Now!

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  1. How do you develop a brand personality for an umbrella company formed by combining four well-known independent companies with different established personalities? Each company delivers the same core services in different parts of the country. Each company has a specialty. They combine when needed under the umbrella company. We want to take the umbrella company to market and tell the story of the strength of the 4 independent companies, but don’t know what personality to adopt.

    1. Great question Dave,

      For such a complex question like this, you need to simplify as much as possible in order to make an effective decision.

      When there are different companies with different audiences, the first question should be about brand structure.

      Are we a branded house or a house of brands?

      A branded house means there is a parent brand, with the same brand appearance and messaging (Individual brands may have their own nuances in their messaging).

      If this is the chosen path, the focus needs to be on similarities across the board.

      What are the aligned characteristics of all audiences and what is the aligned role that the individual brands play in the collective lives of the audience?

      For each sub-brand, the personality can have nuances just like the messaging, though there needs to be an anchor for consistency.

      Make sense?

  2. Thanks for the information provided so far.
    What’s the practical difference between a 70 sage/30 magician campaign and a 70 magician / 30 sage campaign?
    I am not seeing many differentiating examples.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hey Doug,

      The difference would be in the personality and communication of the brand.

      The magician dominant brand would focus on the “Magic” of what they do

      The Sage dominant brand would be a guiding voice

      Hope this helps Doug

  3. I’m working with a brand that distributes and sells products from some some of the world’s best brands in the world. Some of the brands are specific with their communication. So it makes it tougher to create a strategy. How can one go about this?

  4. Thanks for this article reading it opened up my mind to some great new ideas. Do you think branding using ideas from others pushes you far?

      1. Really great content. I love how it opened my eyes to new knowledge. I’m a fashion brand Start up, whose target market is the women in business, go getter boss ladies and I’m unaware of how to add personality to the brand.

        1. Oooo… these ladies share very strong characteristics… They’ll be drawn to specific language, tone and appearance… it’s your job to get to know them as well as possible to figure that out

  5. I am handling brand of Pharmceutical products . Like other FMCG products and services, how can make brand personality for pharma product.

    1. All pharma customers are people too. They might be very different from each other, though they all share some characteristics and look for something from a pharma product… The more niche the product the more focus you can have

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