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“I was looking for a comprehensive Brand Strategy program that provided everything I needed when I found Brand Master Secrets. If you want to take the leap to brand strategy, I wholeheartedly endorse this program! It’s JUST incredible.”

Jacob Cass – Founder of Just Creative


“This was the biggest branding job we pulled off ($60,000). And it was everything we learned to do thanks to Brand Master Secrets.”

Denny Kurien – Founder of

Here’s something to ask yourself…

Why do some freelancers or brand builders charge tens of thousands while others only charge a few hundred?

Well, the most successful freelancers, agencies and specialists all have the same three qualities

They know how to position their value

They charge more than their competitors

They work with bigger clients, with bigger budgets who give them more creative freedom to do their best work

Now, It’s perfectly normal to think that someone who’s charging 10 times more than you is ten times better….

But that’s not true… that’s not the reality…

The Most Successful Brand Builders Use Strategy And Systems To Convert And Grow

The main difference is that they have Structured Systems that make it easier to attract leads, convert them into clients, deliver on their promise and ultimately grow their business.

What they’re doing is not rocket science.

They’ve simply learned:

Exactly who their clients are and exactly what they want,

How to structure a repeatable solution

And how to guide them to an offer that compels them to take action.

That’s it…

And that allows them to attract clients who actually want to pay higher prices because they’re confident they can deliver a better outcome.

Now at the moment, you’re probably thinking…

“You see, that’s why they can charge 10 times more because they can deliver a better outcome than I can”

And to be honest… I don’t blame you because I used to think the exact same way.

I felt like an imposter and that others had so much more to offer than I did.

But over the following 10 years, I became less obsessed with my tactical work and more obsessed about ideas that would make all the difference in my career.

Executing The Tactical Craft Doesn’t Answer The Bigger And More Valuable Questions

You see, in school, I learned the tools of the craft… and if you were anything like I was, you probably focused on being a great designer or copywriter or marketer or photographer.

But then.… you go out on your own to work with your own clients and reality slaps you in the face…

Because there’s a lot more to building brands for clients than just mastering a tactical craft.

There are bigger questions to answer and bigger problems to solve.

I’m Stephen Houraghan, freelancer turned brand strategist and the founder of Brand Master Academy and when I became a freelancer, things started out ok.

I had a handful of referrals coming in and I actually thought this branding and freelancing thing was going to be easier than I thought.

But then the referrals dried up and clients left because were getting their work done cheaper online.

All of a sudden, I had no clients, no leads, no revenue and no system to change any of it.

So I had a choice, go back to employment or figure this thing out.

So I put my head down and I went on a path of discovery.

I began to read articles, then books, I spent tens of thousands of dollars (that I really couldn’t afford) on business courses and a diploma in digital marketing. I studied business, strategy, marketing, sales, and the psychology and neuroscience around why people buy.

I got to a level where I was ready to begin applying what I learned so that’s what I did, and like anyone doing anything new for the first time…. I made a LOT of mistakes.

But I wasn’t put off and I REALLY felt I was on to something.

Every mistake I made was another lesson learned and before long I began to see the patterns.

In creating a system to transform my own business, I created a product that my clients desperately needed.

They had no competitive advantage

They had no position

They had no personality

They had no message or story

They had no system to communicate

They had no compelling offer

They had no brand strategy

Back when I lost my first few referral clients, I was completely overwhelmed and had no idea how I could turn it all around.

But after years of intense research I finally had a strategy… for my own brand.

I knew who my audience was

I knew what made me different

I knew how to position my message and offer

I knew how to generate leads

I knew how to convert them

I knew how to build a strategic brand

And as I applied my own brand strategy it all started to come together…. the leads came, followed by the clients, followed by the revenue, followed by the growth, followed by the freedom

I went from charging a few hundred per invoice to charging tens of thousands with a consistent flow of leads, a solid system for selling and a team to help me deliver.

As I began to tell friends and acquaintances about my system, what I was doing and how I was doing it, I began to refine my processes, document and record… the system which has become Brand Master Secrets, the program I want to give to you today.

These systems have helped thousands of freelancers, agency owners and entrepreneurs to transform their businesses, their brands, and their clients’ brands… and I’d love to see you become our next student and watch you grow into our next success story.

A Complete System To Build Strategic Brands, Find Bigger Clients And Grow.

Now what I want to show you is not just another course…

This is a complete system to:

Become an effective brand strategist

Develop end-to-end brand strategies

Conduct market research and analysis

Craft communication frameworks

Produce strategy deliverables

Generate the right leads for your business

Convert only the high-value clients with the right budgets

Plan and prepare for business growth

And build your business to operate without you

Here’s everything you need to know about Brand Master Secrets and what other brand-builders like you have had to say about their experience.

“This is the most in-depth Brand Strategy Course I have seen (and I’ve bought a few in my time). It gave me the confidence to quote and win a £16k job (three times more than I was charging).”

Col Gray – Founder of Pixels Ink

brand master academy reviews

“I started selling brand strategy services at $1,5k, then $3k, then $8k, then $10-15k and recently we just landed our biggest job ever at $40k+. It’s been a journey but I could see how valuable strategy was to businesses. I’m so grateful to Stephen for providing such an amazing course. Stick with it and you’ll get the rewards!”

Geoff McAllister – Founder at Studio Alumni

If This Sounds Familiar…

  • You love branding but struggle to earn a good living from your freelance work
  • You’re tired of competing for clients with tiny budgets & high expectations
  • You want to set yourself apart as a specialist, choose who you work with and charge higher rates

Then You’ll Want To Know This…

  • How to easily build effective strategic brands your clients will pay a premium for, without having a brand strategy degree.
  • How to grow your strategic branding expert profile while generating hot traffic and leads who are looking for your help.
  • How to get clients to pay you for the brief and convert themselves into your premium fee services without any selling.


The only program you need to become an In-Demand Brand Strategist and attract High-Paying Clients who are looking for more than just a logo

brand master academy review

“Purchasing Brand Master Secrets been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my business. Within 12 months I went from a freelancer charging $500 for brand strategy to a 6-figure agency charging up to $10,000 with confidence, all thanks to this program and framework.”

Amy Kuo – Co-Founder & Creative Director at Author Brand Studio

“When I was ready to invest in serious training, I knew Stephen was the guy. All I can say is WOW! It’s so much better than I even expected. Everything is light years more than I’ve learned after being in the industry for 10+ years. Best investment ever!”

Kelly Mozatta – Founder of KAM Design Studio

So What’s Included?

[+] The Brand MasterClass

The Brand MasterClass is The most comprehensive and value-packed Brand Strategy program on the market. Period!

It’s JAMMED full of with everything you NEED (and would want) to know about Brand Strategy Techniques, Processes and Systems.

From critical theory to Advanced BluePrints, the MasterClass is all you need to become a respected Brand Strategy Expert.

12 modules with 140+ video lessons: Including advanced scientific and psychological techniques to elevate your authority and expert status.

  • How To Reposition To A Brand Master
  • How To Use Strategy As Your Edge
  • How To Lay The Brand Foundations With Substance
  • How To Strategise A Unique Position Like A Master
  • How To Influence With Psychology And Neuroscience
  • How To Develop A Human Personality With Science
  • How To Craft A Compelling Message With Emotion
  • How To Develop Storytelling For Modern Marketing
  • How To Hook Your Audience From The First Touch
  • How To Craft An Unforgettable Identity From Strategy
  • How To Build A Brand Presence That Engages

“This has been the most practical and high-quality, well put together course I’ve ever done (and I’ve done quite a few). Incredible value. Over the moon that I invested my time and money into this with Stephen Houraghan. Thanks again.”

Kaleb Bollen – Strategist and Partner at Periscope Media

“We are a UK based experiential brand team with well known international clients. BMS is Amazing, just amazing, and actionable. When I realised you were actually going to share all these tools with us too. That was my first…wow, I think I love this guy moment. Anyway the primary reason for my message is to say thank you!”

Paula Murray – Founder at Super Tonic

[+] The Brand Master Playbook

The Brand Master Playbook is a foolproof Step-By-Step guide
that walks you through every single brand-building step one-by-one.

  • Build Each Brand Element Step-By-Step
  • Visual Video Series Illustrates Book Concepts
  • Reference Guide For Use With Brand Master Tools
  • Strategic And Creative Process Steps
  • How And When To Engage With Your Clients

[+] The Brand Master Toolbox

To build strategic brands you need systems. To execute systems you need tools and templates. This is the biggest arsenal of strategic brand-building tools you’ll find ANYWHERE.

  • 50+ Page Brand Master Guide To Send To Your Clients
  • 50+ Page Brand Intensive On-Screen Presentation
  • 12 Brand Research + Development Workbooks
  • 14 Cheatsheets For Super Quick Technique Reference
  • Agency Folder Structure Setup
  • Discovery Session + Brand Intensive Scripts
  • All These Tools Referenced Throughout The Playbook

“I’m so impressed. I bought another brand strategy course for 5.5x the price of BMS and it wasn’t half as good, there’s no fluff. I already had a lot of knowledge and experience but BMS gave me a real framework. I am delighted I got this course and would 100% recommend it!”

Chris Wirdemann – Founder at C9W

“I have done all the brand strategy courses I could find online and I can assure you, yours is THE BEST on the market but also the most PROFOUND, DEEP, STRUCTURED. You just handed me EVERYTHING I need to sell and deliver brand strategy with this system and these templates. I wish I joined earlier. You should be charging way more. “

Ioana – Founder at Ioana Design Studio

What Else Do You Need?… What About Traffic & Leads?

[+] The Trophy Client Sales Funnel

The Trophy Client Sales Funnel Training Series lays down “client getting” traffic and lead generation techniques to bag clients who want your premium services.

  • How To Grow Your Branding Expert Profile
  • How To Channel Existing Traffic To Your Offer
  • Use The Value Ladder To Progress Your Lead To A Sale
  • Learn 5 Branding Funnels To Generate Client Leads
  • Refine Your Targeting To Deliver The Right Message
  • Ascend Your Best Clients To Your High Ticket Offers

“Your course may be more insightful and educational than everything I gained from my masters degree in communications from the University of Florida. I have taken several courses on brand strategy and yours is by far the best out there. I thought you should know how much your course and videos have impacted me.”

Marc Harmon – Brand Consultant at Venture Brand Consulting

brand master secrets testimonial

“I feel more confident that I can bring my clients massive value because I feel like I know what I am doing and have authority. I can discern better decisions I want to make for my clients to give them massive value.”

Timothy Preut – Co-Founder, Designer & Strategist at Tickyboom

What About A System For Converting High Ticket Clients?

[+] The Brand Strategy Matrix

The Brand Strategy Matrix is the key to high-ticket sales that teaches you how to gently guide your prospects into a high-ticket client without any selling

  • How To Filter Out Cheap + Freeloading Clients
  • How To Save Hours Of Wasted Call Time
  • How To Earn The Trust Needed For High Ticket Sales
  • How To Get Your Client To Pay For The Brief
  • How To Educate Your Prospect Into A Client
  • How To Use Neuroscience To Elevate Your Profile
  • How To Convert With Buyer Psychology

“First off, holy cow your course is amazing! It was a STEAL! I recently transitioned to brand strategy and wow! Thank you so much for providing the structure and resources to kick start this journey! Thank you so much. “

Dakota – Founder at GOTO Brand Girl

“Brand Master Secrets has been hands down one of the best investments I’ve ever made in myself or my business. I’ve done a LOT of projects in the last few years but I realised I needed to work with fewer clients, offer more value and charge more. BMS has given me everything I needed to make the transition to strategy delivered to me on a silver platter and I’m over the moon!”

Rosie Addison – Owner, Designer & Strategist at Logo Logo

Be Prepared To Grow


The Agency Model Framework

[Enroll today for this bonus]
The Agency Model Framework gives you the tools to think big. Learn the systems used by top agencies to grow and scale your business.

  • How To Streamline Your Branding Business Processes
  • How To Prepare For Growth + Scale
  • How To Structure Your Pricing + Finances
  • How To Replace Yourself In Your Business
  • What Operational Software You Should Use

Multi-Lingual Subtitles

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Brand Strategy MasterClass

Brand Master Playbook

Strategy professional


Everything In Essentials

+ The Brand Master Toolbox

+ The Trophy Client Sales Funnel

+ The Brand Strategy Matrix

+ The Agency Model Framework



Everything in Professional

+ Strategy Contract Pack

+ Sell Strategy Master Class

+ 30 Min Coaching Session (w/ Stephen H.)

Strategy professional


+ Strategy MasterClass

+ Student Community Access

Brand Master Playbook

+ The Brand Master Toolbox

+ The Trophy Client Sales Funnel

+ The Brand Strategy Matrix

+ The Agency Model Framework

Strategy elite


Everything in Professional

+ Strategy Contract Pack

+ Sell Strategy Master Class

+ 30 Min Coaching Session

Inside Brand Master Secrets

Take an exclusive look Inside Brand Master Secrets and to see for yourself, the huge amount of value you get when you sign up.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We want to remove as much risk for you as possible which is why we offer a money back guarantee. If you don’t get the value we promise from this program, just let us know and we’ll give you your money back…. simple!

30 Days


“Just wanted to pop you an e-mail because I felt compelled to say Brand Master Secrets is quite literally the best course I have ever done. Your content and everything you’re sharing is so thorough, clearly well researched and quite frankly invaluable. I think it’s worth 10X what you’re charging for it!”

Becky Lloyd Pack – Founder at Story By Design

“Before Brand Master Workshops I didn’t have a concrete framework to structure my workshops. This program gave me a structured step-by-step system with all the exercises, decks and tools needed to deliver. It has been invaluable and completely changed the way I run Brand Strategy Workshops”

Richard Callis – Founder at


How long does it take to complete the program

The program is designed to take you on a transformational journey at your own pace. You can allocate a few hours per week or you could binge-watch the entire program. There’s a lot of content so we recommend taking it at a steady pace to allow the techniques and concepts to sink in.

Is there a community where I can speak to other students?

Yes. Our private student Facebook group is an active hub of brand strategists all sharing information, ideas, experiences, and progress on their Brand Master Secrets journey.

What if I need help? Is there support?

Yes. We’re very personable and we respond to any query promptly. So whether you have a question about access or brand strategy techniques you can reach out at any time and ask us any question.

How do I receive the content?

Brand Master Secrets is a completely digital experience. You simply access the vast library of videos in your dashboard where you can download your provided templates and worksheets.

Can I access the program on the go?

Yes! Brand Master Secrets is a completely digital experience. You can access your dashboard and watch your content on any desktop or mobile device.

Can I control the speed of the videos?

Yes! We all learn differently. Some like to speed the videos up, others like to slow them down. You have full control.

Are there subtitles for multiple languages

Yes… Every video has subtitles for the following languages.

🇬🇧 English
🇪🇸 Spanish
🇵🇹 Portugese
🇫🇷 French
🇩🇪 German

If your language isn't included, simply reach out and request the addition. We'll do our best to add it.

 [email protected]

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes. We want you to see for yourself how comprehensive and in-depth Brand Master Secrets is.  Our 30-day money-back guarantee gives you access Brand Master Secrets without any risk. 

Get Access To All Of This RIGHT NOW!



Brand Strategy MasterClass

Brand Master Playbook

Strategy professional


Everything In Essentials

+ The Brand Master Toolbox

+ The Trophy Client Sales Funnel

+ The Brand Strategy Matrix

+ The Agency Model Framework



Everything in Professional

+ Strategy Contract Pack

+ Sell Strategy Master Class

+ 30 Min Coaching Session (w/ Stephen H.)

Strategy professional


+ Strategy MasterClass

+ Student Community Access

Brand Master Playbook

+ The Brand Master Toolbox

+ The Trophy Client Sales Funnel

+ The Brand Strategy Matrix

+ The Agency Model Framework

Strategy elite


Everything in Professional

+ Strategy Contract Pack

+ Sell Strategy Master Class

+ 30 Min Coaching Session