Build A Strategic Brand
With Group Coaching
In 12 Weeks

This immersive 12-week Brand Strategy Coaching Program offers the confidence and experience you need as you build your brand with Stephen Houraghan and a cohort of peers. 

Tired Of Trying To Unravel Brand Strategy Alone?

Knowing you need to level up doesn’t make it so and progression doesn’t come without pain.

You’ve read the articles, you’ve watched the videos, you’ve even taken some programs so you can add this important “brand strategy” feather to your bow.

And yet… it still all seems like a big overwhelming puzzle.

Fed Up Of Feeling Like A Strategy Fraud?

Positioning yourself as a “Brand Strategist” makes you feel uncomfortable because you haven’t been there and done it at a global agency or brand.

You feel your lack of experience or confidence holds you back and you’re fearful they’ll see you as a fraud.

Time To Get The Experience And Confidence You Need

What Is The Brand Master Bootcamp?

The BM Bootcamp is a 12-week immersive brand-building program designed to guide you through the brand strategy development process.

The Bootcamp environment has been developed to support you through the entire process giving you the platform to ask questions, apply your knowledge, get feedback and build your brand with guidance and support.

Hands-On Guidance, Feedback And Support

Developing a brand strategy is no cake walk and possessing the processes, systems and tools is only half the battle.

Gaining brand strategy experience in an environment of guidance, feedback, and support to understand where you’re going is invaluable.

Learning how to overcome challenges as you face them gives you a sense of confidence that’s vital for the brand strategist role.

Group Coaching, Accountability & Community

This Bootcamp is all about accountability and support.

Yes, it’s designed to provide you with the processes, systems, and tools to develop your brand strategy.

But beyond that, the accountability, coaching, encouragement, and support to guide you through the entire process is where the real juice is.

Deliver A Brand Service Worth Premium Fees

Theory and steps are worthless unless you put them into action and bank the experience.

This Bootcamp guides you through the entire brand-building process to develop and deliver an end-to-end brand strategy.

Hundreds of our students are charging tens of thousands for the end product you’ll develop throughout this Bootcamp.

Leverage The Brand Master Secrets Framework
Trusted By Thousands Of Pro Strategists

Follow the entire Brand Master Secrets Framework step-by-step, with video lessons, examples, case studies, community support, and coaching to ensure you follow the processes from beginning to end.

“When I was ready to invest in serious training, I knew Stephen was the guy. All I can say is WOW! It’s so much better than I even expected. Everything is light years more than I’ve learned after being in the industry for 10+ years. Best investment ever!”

Kelly Mozatta – Founder of KAM Design Studio

“I’m so grateful for BMS. You’re severely undercharging for this amazing course. Truly everything a brand strategist needs. I tripled my prices and hit the highest month and my clients quadrupled their revenue too, all thanks to BMS!!!”

XINDI – CEO Founder of By Xindi

On-Demand Lessons Each Week

Video lessons for each unit are released on a weekly basis, providing you not just with the understanding of what to do, but why you’re doing what you’re doing.

On-Demand Lessons Each Week

Video lessons for each unit are released on a weekly basis, providing you not just with the understanding of what to do, but why you’re doing what you’re doing.

On-Demand Lessons Each Week

Video lessons for each unit are released on a weekly basis, providing you not just with the understanding of what to do, but why you’re doing what you’re doing.


The Weekly
Bootcamp Format

On-Demand Weekly Learning

Every week, on-demand lessons for the upcoming module are released including videos, tools, case studies and more.

Assignment & Execution

Apply your learning as you follow along with process videos, playbook steps, and assignment details to execute.

Accountability & Community

Catch up with your accountability partner and lean into the online community to keep you on track.

Group Coaching Sessions

Assemble for your weekly coaching sessions to get guidance and feedback on your progress, share challenges and learn new techniques.


The Bootcamp Journey

WK 01

Brand Strategy Mindset

Discover the psychology and structure behind brand strategy to show up as the best strategist and consultant you can be.

WK 02

The Brand

Develop the internal brand compass that shapes what you believe, where you’re going and what your brand is committed to.

WK 03

Audience & Comp Research

Uncover your target market, bring them to life and analyse your competitors who are already serving them.

WK 01

Differentiation Strategy

Find gaps and opportunities left by your competitors and develop a difference that will act as your competitive edge.

WK 05

Psychology & Neuroscience

Discover the science behind brand strategy and learn how to leverage psychology to build brands and persuade clients

WK 06

Brand Archetypes & Personality

Develop a tangible personality using archetypes and bring it to life so your brand feels like a tangible human entity.

WK 07

Brand Messaging Framework

Craft a brand messaging framework of key messages that will act as a coms guide and shape your brand image.

WK 08

Brand Storytelling Framework

Develop a storytelling framework of micro stories with a structure used by best-selling authors and Oscar winning film makers

WK 09

Brand Naming, Tagline & Hooks

Craft a strategic brand name and tagline to encapsulate your brand position and engaging hooks to draw your audience in.

WK 10

Visual Identity Development

Bring your brand to life visually, using your strategy as the basis for creative direction and visual identity design.

WK 11

Brand Guidelines Development

Distil and document your brand strategy to develop a Brand Master Guide as a rule book and directive for all brand communication.

WK 12

Brand Strategy Delivery

Deliver your final Brand Master Guide by submitting for evaluation with guidance and feedback from your coach.

Commencing Mar 3rd

Limited Cohort For An Engaged Experience

The first cohort of The Brand Master Bootcamp is extremely limited. 

This will ensure a personal and engaged experience with extended one-on-one time to receive personalised feedback and guidance. 

The Brand Master Bootcamp BETA offers a discount of over 50% from the full price. Further discounts apply to existing Brand Master Secrets students raising the discount to over 70% on the full price.

Limited BETA Experience

The Brand Master Bootcamp BETA offers a discount of over 50% from the full price. Further discounts apply to existing Brand Master Secrets students raising the discount to over 70% on the full price.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Bootcamp cost?

The full price is $2,495.

Non-Brand Master Secrets Students: The first (BETA) cohort (Mar 2023), is offered at $1,295 (50% off the full price).

Brand Master Secrets Students: The first (BETA) cohort (Mar 2023), is offered at $695 (70% off the full price).

How involved is Stephen?

I’m all in. I have personally written and created all of the lessons, videos and assignments. I’ll chair each weekly group coaching session and I’ll be heavily engaged in the community group discussions, answering personal challenges and offering guidance.

When does the Bootcamp start?

Enrolment closes on Thursday, Feb 23, 2023 and our orientation session is scheduled for Thursday, Mar 3, 2023.

What day / time / zone do the weekly group session take place?

The weekly coaching session will take place every Thursday (Americas / Europe / Africa) and Friday (Australasia)

Los Angeles (A.M. – 11:00 – THURSDAY)

New York (P.M. – 14:00 – THURSDAY)

London: (P.M. – 19:00 – THURSDAY)

Paris: (P.M. – 20:00 – THURSDAY)

Singapore: (A.M. – 03:00 – FRIDAY)

Sydney: (A.M. – 06:00 – FRIDAY)

What if I can’t make the group session on any of the days?

Our Bootcamp community gives you the platform to ask questions. If you can’t make the session, you can highlight this in your question and we’ll answer it in the group session which you can watch later.

Are coaching sessions recorded and can I re-watch them?

Yes, all coaching sessions are recorded and later uploaded to the module dashboard for you to rewatch. This is especially helpful to review specific answers to specific challenges you or someone else had.

Do I need brand strategy experience to enrol in the bootcamp?

Knowledge of brand strategy is advantageous by not a prerequisite. 

The lessons will provide you with the fundamental knowledge, knowhow and process steps and ultimately the experience to develop a brand strategy from scratch

I have some brand strategy experience. Is this still for me? 

The BM Bootcamp is for anyone who wants to learn or upgrade their knowledge, systems, processes and steps to develop an effective brand strategy.  

If you feel you need to fill in gaps, expand your process steps, gain more experience and confidence developing brand strategies then this bootcamp is for you.

Does this program use a specific strategy framework?

Yes. It follows the Brand Master Academy proprietary framework found in Brand Master Secrets.

What type of clients will benefit from my brand strategy service?

In short… All of them.

Any client who has goals to make a success of their business, are prepared to invest to achieve their goals but are unsure or unclear on how to go about building their brand, likely needs a brand strategist to help them. The business revenue and/or budget is important, but equally important is their desire to do things well.

How much time do I need to invest each week?

4-5 hours per week at a minimum.

Each module contains video lessons which run between 1-3 hours per module.

Assignments can take anywhere from 1-4 hours

Accountability calls may go from 20mins -1hour

Group Coaching Session can go for 1.5 – 2 Hours.

Some weeks are more labour intensive than others and two of the 12 weeks have no assignments due.

*This is a rough guide. How many hours you invest in your brand is entirely up to you.

What if I’m not a designer, is this program still for me?

Yes. Although many of our students come from a design background, many more come from a variety of backgrounds including copywriting and marketing with no design experience.

Will I learn how to deliver strategy to my clients?

Yes. The entire process is designed to walk you through the brand strategy development steps one element at a time, so you develop a complete brand strategy document. 

In the final week, you submit your final Brand Strategy Document for assessment. 

Do you offer refunds?

The bootcamp follows the Brand Master Secrets framework and although we offer a money back guarantee for purchases of BM Secrets (Because we’re confident in the product), we don’t offer any refunds for the Bootcamp.

This is because the Bootcamp is strictly limited, and your enrolment means others will miss out.

Will I be able to attract strategy clients after completing this program?

Yes. This process is an opportunity for you to acquire the experience of developing a complete end-to-end strategy, which you can use as a case study (along with a testimonial from the brand leader), as evidence and social proof to promote your strategy services.

Will this bootcamp teach me how to get strategy clients and run my agency?

Although some of our discussion and group session may cover these topics, the primary focus is to complete the entire brand strategy development process, so you come out the other side with the experience and confidence you need to sell brand strategy services.

Have Any Questions?

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