Brand Heritage Strategy: How To Evoke Emotion And Earn Trust

Brand Heritage Strategy: How To Evoke Emotion And Earn Trust

Brand heritage has gained growing interest in recent years. 

There are many aspects to a brand that make it uniquely recognizable: colors, fonts, logo images to name a few. 

But what is often not as obvious is the emotional attachment customers have with a brand because they feel like they know and understand it. 

A brand’s heritage can play a major role in evoking nostalgia, forging emotional connections and gaining brand loyalty.

In this article, you’ll learn how brand heritage evokes emotion and earns trust for brands with the advantage of history.

What Is Brand Heritage & Brand Origin?
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 What Is Brand Heritage?

Brand heritage is the history of a brand that highlights how long it has been in business, the journey it’s on and the values, philosophy and reputation it’s developed along the way.

The brand’s heritage or history can be a major advantage over competitors because it provides trust and emotional connection.

From the time of a company’s founding, its heritage includes founders or family history, values passed down from one generation to another that have shaped what the brand represents in people’s minds. 

Heritage is so valuable because it is an irreplicable advantage that competitors simply cannot match. 

Why Is Brand Heritage Important?

The heritage of a brand is becoming increasingly important in part, due to the sheer volume of new businesses created every year. With so many new brands, heritage and history become a powerful tool for establishing trust.

The power of heritage is that it establishes an emotional connection with customers – one which competitors can’t match. 

In a world where everything changes at lightning speed, a brand’s story of heritage provides consumers with a tangible link to the past. The more we move into a digital and virtual world, the greater the void grows of a time when things were simple and more tangible.

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