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Brand Consulting Accelerator Program
(4-Week Limited Series Replay)

Brand Consulting

(Limited Series with Matt Davies)

Unlock the Secrets to Becoming a Sought-After Brand Consultant and get your first consultancy clients in Just 4 Weeks!

$50k Contract Secured During The Program (My First Consulting Client)

J.R. - Brand Strategist

I converted an execution prospect into a $50k consulting client during the Brand Consulting Accelerator Program . The guidance from the program was instrumental in making that a realty. When I signed up, I didn't actually believe I would secure my first consulting client. I just thought I was gathering information to use later, but I ended up needing it almost immediately! Couldn't be happier!

Exhausted by aimless branding projects and directionless clients who don’t know what they want or need? 

Craving collaboration with forward-thinking businesses, leaders and teams who value real branding?

It’s time to raise the bar, elevate your career, and work with partners who truly invest in their brand and their future!”

Branding, Differently

Transition from a branding tactician tied to deliverables to a respected brand consultant providing direction.

Attract bigger clients and teams who engage you for your expert guidance and are willing to pay your expert rates.

Branding, Differently

Transition from a branding tactician tied to deliverables to a respected brand consultant providing direction.

Attract bigger clients and teams who engage you for your expert guidance and are willing to pay your expert rates.

Meet Matt Davies

Twenty years ago, Matt Davies began his design career, eager to make a mark but found himself limited by tactical work.

Determined to contribute more, Matt transitioned from design to helping businesses align their strategies with their identities, shifting to strategic consultancy.

Matt built and sold his agency, working with clients like Microsoft, Virgin and Nestle.

He refined his consultancy approach, authored a book, and is now a sought-after and highly respected brand consultant serving global brands and agencies.

Now, Matt is sharing his knowhow, strategies and tools that took him 20 years to refine in the Brand Consultant Accelerator Limited Series.

Discover The Limited Series Accelerator

This comprehensive 4-week Accelerator program, led by renowned industry expert Matt Davies, will guide you through the entire process of building a successful consulting agency.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Week 01

Develop Your Consulting Competencies

Discover the core competencies you need to effectively provide consultancy services and how to develop them from facilitation to legalities and everywhere in between.

Week 01

A Taste Of What You’ll Learn

  • How To Sell Solutions, Not Deliverables
  • How To Craft Your Consulting Services
  • How To Get Your Business Model Right
  • Define Your Consultancy Targets Masterplan

Week 02

Structure Your Consulting Agency

Learn how to build the systems and structure into your consulting agency from approach to offers to pricing and beyond.

Week 02

A Taste Of What You’ll Learn

  • Separate Decision-Makers vs Gatekeepers
  • Craft Your Consulting Framework & Tactics
  • Engineer Your Optimal Pricing Model
  • How To Appeal To Bigger Leaders & Businesses
  • Master Consultant Discovery Call Techniques

Week 03

Reframe Your Branding Business

Explore how to convert prospects into consultant clients with effective sales, proposal and onboarding strategies that work

Week 03

A Taste Of What You’ll Learn

  • Ignite Unshakeable Confidence in Consulting
  • The Apex Consultancy Proposal
  • Navigating On-Boarding & Expectation Alignment
  • Insider Delivery Techniques for Consulting

Week 04

Expand Your Consulting Base

Learn sophisticated strategies to increase your recurring revenue with advanced offerings, elongated contracts, cross selling and much much more.

Week 04

A Taste Of What You’ll Learn

  • The Triad of Exponential Consultancy Growth
  • Climbing Higher with the Lily Pad Strategy
  • The Art of Contract Extension And Other Sophisticated Strategies
  • Amplifying Impact with the Hollywood Strategy
  • Revolutionize Your Client Network and Revenue Streams

Find Your Very First Consultancy Clients

The Brand Consulting Accelerator assignments and client getting strategies are designed to help  to bag your very first consulting clients within the 4-week program.

“Matt helped breathe real life and energy into projects I have delivered at both Boots and Specsavers, helping me and my team to really consider and articulate the brand/tone of voice we wanted to create.”

Steven Evans
Training Design Manager | Specsavers

“A key strength is Matt’s ability to bring together the often disparate and conflicting requirements of an organisation or team into a coherent and powerful message.”

Karim Khan
Principal Business Advisor

“Working with Matt is an absolute joy. His enthusiasm is infectious, his knowledge of brand is extensive and his creativity is seemingly endless.”

Alicia Rudzka, FCIM
Marketing Manager | Innes England 

Pricing and Exclusive Bonuses
($995) > $695

Enroll in the program now and receive these exclusive bonuses:

Consulting Toolkit

A curated collection of templates, checklists, and resources to help streamline your consulting projects and deliver outstanding results.

Bonus Module: Coaching Q&A

Matt dives deep into the specifics of his consulting business and processes providing granular answers on how to start and grow a successful brand consultancy in these on-demand sessions. 

Are You Ready For Consulting?

Don’t miss this opportunity to work with clients who truly value your expertise, command premium fees, and make a greater impact on the businesses you serve.

With our expert-led program, you’ll gain the skills and confidence you need to transition from a branding tactician to a respected Brand Consultant.

More Than Worth The Price. Exciting Times Ahead

Nico J.v. Hemel. - Brand Strategist

”Just like all the other programs I took with BMA, the Brand Consulting Accelerator is more than worth the price. It has helped me better position myself and feel I have a more equal seat at the boardroom table. Very exciting times ahead!"

Grab The Replay Now

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Secure your spot now and unlock the secrets to becoming a high-paying Brand Consultant.

($995) > $695


Is this a new live event or a replay of the live event?

This is a replay recording of a live event, which follows the same 4-week structure. Recordings and assignments are dropped one week at a time allowing you to follow along as per the live event.

How is the program structured?

Each session is held over a 2-hour live group session where Matt delivers his strategies. Every session includes an assignment and set of tools to execute on building your consulting business.

How long do the live sessions last?

Roughly two Hours.

Strategy presentations will last a little over 1.5 hours. After the assignment briefing, we’ll dive into live Q&A where you get the opportunity to have your questions answered which will go above the two hour mark.

Do we have to complete assignments?

Yes, each week you'll be provided with assignments to complete before the following sessions. The assignments are designed to help you acquire your first consulting client and advance you in your transition to a becoming a fully fledged brand consultant.

What does the Brand Consulting Accelerator program cover?

The 4-week program dives into developing consulting competencies, structuring your consulting agency for success, reframing your branding business, and expanding your consultancy partner and client base.

How much does the Brand Consulting Accelerator program cost?

The program costs $995 (discounted in this case to $695), which includes access to the 4-week program and exclusive bonuses.

How soon can I expect to get my first consultancy clients?

The program includes assignments and client-getting strategies designed to help you find your first consulting clients within just 4 weeks.

Is the Brand Consulting Accelerator program suitable for branding professionals at all levels?

Yes, the program is designed to help branding professionals at all levels transition from tactical branding work to strategic consultancy.

Is there any support available if I have questions or challenges during the program?

Yes, as a program participant, you will have 30 days of priority email support from Matt Davies, Stephen Houraghan and the Brand Master Academy team to help you with any questions or challenges as you implement what you’ve learned in the program.

Is there a money back guarantee?

No, there is no money back guarantee on offer with this program.